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We keep your data confidential.


Presentation of a processing method for customer data streams that complies with data protection law, filed for patent protection.


  • Are you interested in customer streams or consumer movements?
  • The number of customers that enter a store?
  • The amount of time customers stay?
  • Changes in the amount of time they stay, for example, due to special sales?
  • Are you interested in compiling such information in a manner that complies with data protection laws?
  • You are not interested in the identity of the customers.
  • Do you want to compile data streams and also identify changes that take place over time?


We are offering a technical solution that records data about people’s movements; that collects information about number and adds a timestamp. It provides this event-specific information without disclosing the identity of the individuals.


This procedure is carried out by a software solution.


It is possible for one of the functions to rely on support from a specialized hardware solution.


You analyze the information externally. In other words, you analyze the data that has been collected about the number of people present at specific events and analyze the various time slots.


You are given information about the following items:

  • How often individuals have stayed within the observation field.
  • How long individuals stay within the observation field in total.
  • Average duration of all stays.
  • The total number of individuals identified in the observation field.
  • Total time that individuals spent in a defined environment.
  • Time-of-day distinctions, e.g., according to the duration of stay and number


Our solution is recommended for big data digging. The solution also has interesting compliance potential.
If our method sounds like something you might be able to use or if you would like to become involved in marketing the product, please contact us.